Wednesday 26 April 2017

Wow I am so excited. I think I have just had a break-through as I so wanted to try making Kinetic art pieces, but hampered by lack of knowledge on mechanical motion. I have just been lucky enough to come across a Kirigamic magic spinning card on my newsfeed on Facebook!

Unfortunately the video goes like the speed of light…

I will post more when I have tried it out…Kirigami spirals

The above image is not the one I saw, though when I typed in Kirigami magic spinning card to search for images, on-line I found this one, and as I have been looking at circles and spirals for my proposed pieces…

Kirigami magic spinning card diamond

This is the diamond one I first saw, though from a different source.

I have been inspired by Alexander Calder mobiles an also the Kinetic wooden pieces by David C. Roy.

I will update this post when I have had a chance to experiment with Kirigami.





Author: hongfongwaiart

I love using non-traditional art materials-Arte Povera and Contingency Art is a over-arching theme for my Art Practice. Discarded and abandoned objects. I love incidental marks and natural art as I call it, in the climbing Ivy up a wall, to leaves stuck on surfaces by the rain...

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